I am a physician (healthcare provider), how do I refer my client to a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist?

At TD Wellness we love working with physicians and all healthcare providers to enhance their clients health and wellbeing. You can refer your clients or patients through various means. Please visit our Physician and Health Professional Referral page where you will find our referral form and contact information. If you are a physician and have a Medicare participant, Medicare requires that we also receive the clients’ referral form with ICD10 codes, labs, chart information, and insurance. We would also be happy to fax your office a copy of our referral form, or visit your office personally and provide our referral forms, brochures, and business cards. At TD Wellness we believe a referral from you or your staff is a smarter option since many clients/patients may forget or have little time to initiate an appointment. We are happy to work with your staff to find the most efficient and convenient way to work with your clients or patients.