Find Balance

The Beauty Behind Perfection is Imperfection

Has your past history with “healthy eating” included short periods of intense scrutiny and restriction, coupled with long stretches of eating whatever is easiest on the go, or at the end of a long day, with little attention paid to what is going on with your body? This is a commonplace experience for people who have yet to find their sweet spot with mindfulness and attunement to their minds and body when it comes to food. Well, in real life, lasting health requires consistency, and most importantly it requires flexibility. Many doctors will tell you that the most effective health program is the one you can maintain. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, David can help guide you through the learning curve of finding out what kind of eating is healthy for your body, while still fitting into your lifestyle. Finding a healthy balance requires ditching the all­-or-­nothing approach of standard American fad diets and starting to find structure without rigidity.

The Courage to Change Your Perspective

David knows that learning to maintain healthy habits includes some cognitive restructuring and greater awareness. That means that he can help you figure out which of your feelings and actions around food are irrational or based on misinformation, and help you replace that brain function with helpful, logical ways of thinking about food or eating. Have you ever heard of neuroplasticity? This may sound like a complicated term and the science behind the way it works definitely is. Neuroplasticity means that your brain is capable of developing new methods (new neural pathways or psychological or emotional flexibility) of believing and thinking. This means you can develop new habits and new positive reactions to the choices in your life.

Although you may not be expecting stress management to be part of a registered dietitian’s treatment plan, part of David’s incredible success with helping clients turn their lives around is his holistic approach. Part of each treatment plan may include relaxation practices such as meditation and deep breathing to help you focus your mind. As part of our TD TakeOff© programs we work with our patients to teach them how to attain this “balance,” “mindfulness,” and “awareness.” We focus on understanding natural biological and physiological signals from the body to eat, how much, when, and what. This is what “structure without rigidity” is; a perfect balance of mind and body working harmoniously to find the balance in your life, weight, and health.

It’s All About Conscious Decisions

If all this is sounding like something you could commit to trying, we’d like to work with you to get started doing what you can to cope with the current stresses in your life.

Here at TD Wellness, we know from experience that everyday people who are currently struggling with healthy eating are capable of changing their thinking and their habits. In part, it takes paying attention to the three C’s to healthy living; consistency, challenge, and consciousness. Keep making conscious decisions over and over. Challenging yourself beyond your fears to change a little, and consistently check in with yourself and your body. Why are you making an effort to be healthier? Why will it be worth it? Reminding yourself of the ‘why’ can make all the difference.