Many Insurance Companies Cover Our Services

I welcome you as a new client. Let us do all the messy paperwork that accompanies accepting many types of health insurance (link to health insurance page goes here). No matter what your unique situation involves, we want to provide an opportunity for you to take back your health. We will make all efforts to determine your insurance coverage, and we will work with your financial situation and consider your time to make the most of every visit. Make an appointment today!

We are providers for:

  • Medicare 
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Aetna 
  • UnitedHealthcare 
  • Humana 
  • Ambetter 

What’s The Process?

  • Feel free to contact us to make an appointment, or make an appointment directly online.
  • Please provide us your…
    • Date of birth
    • Copy of your insurance card
    • Copy of your state issued ID
    • The reason for your visit
  • We will verify your insurance plan and confirm your appointment
  • We will then send you our online appointment forms – Main Intake Form and Policy and Payment Form – These forms are to be completed securely online prior to your appointment
  • If your insurance plan does not cover nutrition service, we will contact you by phone or email to discuss other options

Other Options

Clients with a Health Savings Account (HSA) or a Flexible Savings Account (FSA) may cover our nutrition visits. Because TD Wellness does not have access to those plans, we ask clients to contact their HSA/FSA to determine if nutrition consults with us will be covered. Those debit or credit card accounts can be used for payment for each visit. Further details are explained in our Policy and Payment Form required for each visit.

If we are not an in-network provider for your plan, we will provide each client with a reimbursement form (Superbill) for each visit, which will contain all the necessary procedure and diagnostic codes for reimbursement.

Dietician vs. Nutritionist – What’s the Difference?

Often times I get asked what is the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist. The answer – A LOT!!! A registered dietitian nutritionist is a nutritionist and obtains their registration through a rigorous and fiercely competitive master’s level education program that includes a 1200 hour internship. These programs and internships are nationally accredited by ACEND (Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics).

After completion of the dietetic program and internship, the dietitian must also take a national board examination to be credentialed by CRD (Commission for Dietetic Registration), and depending on the state, they are also required to obtain a state license and maintain 15 continuing education hours yearly. In comparison, a nutritionist could be anyone with no formal training other than maybe a college degree (not in nutrition or food sciences), or someone that obtained a non-credentialed certification online. So, if you see RD or RDN after a nutritionist.