Restaurant Counsulting

Attract New Customers with Healthy Menus

Restaurateurs looking for expert advice on how to navigate through the ins and outs of the federal restaurant labeling guidelines need look no further than TD Wellness, LLC. Although new menu labeling laws might initially seem like a lot of extra work for restaurants, you’ll feel differently if you think about all the opportunities created by the new system. With the help of the experienced TD Wellness staff, your restaurant will be able to attract an entirely fresh customer base in the healthy-­living crowd by providing healthy and appealing menus, complete with detailed nutrition and allergy information, in addition to maintaining compliance with federal guidelines. Working with our expert staff, restaurants can expect to receive personal attention and a custom designed service package.

Our Ready-to-Serve Programs for Your Restaurant

Whether you’ve been in business for generations or are just opening your first restaurant, there’s a lot to manage.

From the ever-changing laws and regulations about labeling to developing new healthier menu items to supporting your new marketing initiatives, at TD Wellness we can help. Restaurant Consulting Services at TD Wellness may include:

Menu Enhancement:

  • Recipe and nutrition analysis
  • Food and nutrition labeling
  • New and healthier menu choices
  • New recipe development and testing


  • Understanding new labeling and nutrition laws and guidelines
  • Adapting to food allergies and sensitivities
  • Staying on top of new trends, new foods, and updating recipes
  • Developing health and wellness strategies, policies, and narratives


  • Promoting your new health­ conscious menu
  • Finding new and exciting marketing ideas to promote your dishes and recipes
  • Communicating food and nutrition updates via social media

Learn More About What Today’s Consumers Want

American consumers are expecting more information about the food they eat and the products they buy than ever before. Adapting your operations to meet new labeling laws might end up being the best thing you can do to update and attract new discerning customers to dine at your establishment. There is an impressive demand for healthy restaurant options in the current market. Did you know that about 48% of the modern American food budget is spent at restaurants (​National Restaurant Association; 2016 Industry Forecast ) Since we are eating more of our daily meals out of the house than ever before, this means it is more important than ever before that restaurants offer healthy, sustainable options, as well as menu choices that fit diners’ special dietary needs. Offering and advertising these kinds of health­-conscious dining options will make your business attractive to a wider set of diners.

David teaches his individual nutrition clients to always know what they are putting in their bodies. More restaurant labeling means providing the public with the tools they need to make better decisions when they dine out – and research is telling us that they dine out a lot! Trusting TD Wellness to help your restaurant adapt will be good for your business, and good for the health of your community!