David Orozco, MS, RDN, LD (Dietitian) with TDWellness, along with
Patrick Bryant, LCSW, NBCCH (Psychotherapist) with The Peaceful Place present:

MANifest: From Awareness to Action
An Event for Men from All Walks of Life

Join us on a guided journey from Awareness to Action, as we explore masculinity and vulnerability, and cultivate a healthy recipe for a complete, confident, and integrated man.


What's actually happening, is that we measure our masculinity, or manhood, through these subtle roles passed down through generations of family, society, and even culture. To be a man, we must eat like cavemen (12 oz steak and two pints of beer); eat fast, and clean the huge plate in front of us; maybe even finish what your partner leaves behind. Ultimately, we get bigger. Suddenly, obesity sets in, joints hurt, sleeplessness, snoring... Perhaps, there is even a diagnosis of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease.

where there's a problem, there's a fix. So, we revert to opposite extremes - we crash diet (Paleo, Keto, Whole 30, Intermittent Fasting, etc), or even join an extreme fitness program.

These patterns are simply unsustainable.

How is food related to masculinity?

Our decisions about food are often influenced by our environment, or the people with whom we associate. This can lead to unhealthy choices in what and how much we eat, as well as how much we drink. It can be so subtle, like when going out with the guys after a workout or a game. Maybe it's important to fit in, so we eat what everyone else eats. Maybe you catch a game at the sports bar, and pig out on wings, burgers, and beer. This seems great until you reach heartburn-hell, or glutenous guilt for overeating. Isn't this sort of thing just what guys do? Get over it, right? Forget ordering a salad at the sports bar; the criticism would be endless!


In MANifest, we shift our focus to intention, and examine our relationship with food. Masculinity can also be about gentleness (gentleman), love and kindness to self and others, patience, and humility; in essence, building a positive relationship with food, with self, and with others.

MANifest Details

April 13, 2019
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
(Check-in starts at 8:30 AM)

The Amerson House
1790 Lavista Road, NE
Atlanta, GA

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